Wednesday, August 11, 2004

babysitting the easy way

6.30am, two nephews (4 & 6), glass of juice and cbbc
the guilt :)
i know you are supposed to stimulate children and interact with them ... i know the theory
but quite frankly i see no reason to waste my energy at this time of the morning when there are people paid a salary to dress in daft clothes and bounce about ... and besides it keeps them quiet

after feeding and dressing them we are off to Bluewater to buy them things, give them food and take them to see Thunderbirds

currently trying to ignore the long list of things i should be doing ... keep doing this loop in my head telling myself that things wait a couple of days and that they are more important ... but the clock is ticking and i have so much to do

and breath and focus

well off to prepare breakfast for hungry boys ...

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Caroline said...

hello Steve! Excellent blog! Aren't links from other peoples sites clever?