Wednesday, November 01, 2006

vodka induced oblivion

we gathered a few london based people in a bar last weekend for the sole purpose of getting smashed ... i know childish but sometimes it has to be done ... it was partly a birthday thing and partly something to mark the end of the 'thing' (the crap bits of the last five years that was finally ended and for that evening was only allowed to be referred to as 'the thing').

i drank far too much ... but as i had set out to achieve that very thing i felt a sense of purpose ...
we has booked a room and a local hotel ... ok that sounded like we stayed at a B&B ... the lady wife described it as 'achingly cool and no Steve that is not a good thing!' ... i liked the look of it but it is true that sometimes the modern contemporary look taken too far can end up feeling a little emotionally cold ... great looking ... good food ... friendly staff ... but maybe trying just a little bit too hard to reach for 'the look' ... and i'm not going to name it because this is not a hotel review blog ... you know the type of hotel i mean

the die hards who were left at the end of the night joined us at the hotel and we drank on ...
one moment of note ... and this didn't come back to me until the next morning when i was standing under a hot shower in the hangover recovery position (head under torrent of water while groaning to yourself 'never ever again')

... as we entered the hotel right ahead of us was the bar ... loud music ... uber trendy people ... large bouncy person on the door ... half the group had gone ahead of us (yes andrew excellent taxi grabbing skils - well done) ... so we strode towards the entrance to the bar and the bouncy person stopped us and asked if we were hotel guests ... after establishing that we were he looked at the three young ladies who were with us and asked if they were over 21 ... they weren't they were 19,18, & 18 ... slightly flummoxed as it is many a year since i was carded and in an attempt to just dispense with this irritant (and my logic is that we jokingly refer to one of them in this way) i slurred 'no they are not over 21 but this one is my niece' ... (well i figured that if it was family it would be ok) ... it was only the next morning when it dawned on me that it can't be the first time that some middle aged bloke has rocked up to a hotel claiming that some young thing he hooked up with is his niece ... oh the shame ... i considered trying to find the bouncy person and explaining but i went for the 'when you are in hole stop digging approach'

of course the lessons that should be learned is that steve plus vodka - not good ... stop hanging around with people that make you look old ... if you are going to get so drunk that your lips are numb and the ability to think has left the building dont speak ... at all

trouble is some of us never learn ... party on

thanx to those that joined in ... those that couldn't make it - you were missed


sally said...

never seen Pretty Woman Steve????

Michael Radcliffe said...

Twas a lovely evening, despite the fact that I woke up the next morning feeling like my whole face had moved an inch to the left.

cal said...

Given that it was your lovely lady wife and I who later went up to the room with the said young things I wonder what the bouncy man thought of that?!!