Thursday, October 26, 2006

driving to a different drum

it was my birthday yesterday ... oh did i not mention :)
and my favourite gift was a tom tom
the GPS thingy not the drum thing

not only is it amazing and makes this old man marvel at technology and mutter things like 'ooo isn't it marvelous what they can do nowadays' ... it has one added point of amusement ... i downloaded the John Cleese voice ... fantastic

i have to go and have it hardwired into the car this morning (avoids that wires trailing around the car look ... then i am gonna run some errands and test it out ... love the fact that if you ignore it and go the way you know it doesn't to that slightly pissy 'turn around at the first available opportunity' thing they used to do ... now it goes quiet ... pauses ... changes the map and i swear you can hear it thinking .... 'so you think you know better do you - we'll see'

no more maps
it might save our marriage (no really it is one of the few things we argue about ... you know that really irrational snappy kind of arguing that does neither of you any credit because usually you are trying to blame someone for what is essentially a mistake or a badly signed road ... never a good basis for a good argument

later i will ponder on why a new gadget makes me so happy and how shallow that makes me ... for now i will enjoy the fact that my darling wife knows me so well and knows she can buy another year of my affection with a toy :)


stuart said...

I'm sooooooooooo jealous I want one. Meant to be shopping for one after christmas, hey we can compare them at GB, what other voices can you get, oh its not fair I want mine now!

Rach said...

they're great, aren't they. The car we got last year came with a navigation system - sadly only the choice between a male and female voice. What we love is the fact that it hasn't got one of the bridges we use in Nashville in it...sadly it doesn't frantically warn us of our impending doom rather just repeats the "turn around at the nearest opportunity", until we make it accross the river and it picks us up from there!

Have fun!

sally said...

I have a Tom Tom. My voice is Tim..but John Cleese would be better. Got it for my birthday too!!!! lvoe it...............