Friday, October 20, 2006

the madness of flying

before i forget ... mike commented the other day "Good God, man, you don't do brevity, do you?" ... sorry mike we have met? ... and your point was? ... well this may well turn out to be a long post again ... take a run up to it ... read a bit at a time ... where is it written that blogs have to be pithy or short or brief ?... sometimes i do little posts ... other times i ramble a bit ... i make no apology for being me ... if i was to start apologising for that we would be here for weeks

as we left the airport the other night i saw this sign ...

and it got me thinking
leaving aside the general feeling that airlines are supposed to be providing a service that for the most part we pay an awful lot of money for ... i can't be the only person who is left with the feeling that they are taking advantage of this situation to make our lives even more unbearable and applying some ill thought through random rules

i kind of understand they have to be careful ... (always in hindsight and it has to be said the words horse - stable - door - bolted spring to mind) ... but some of this list just doesn't make any sense ... why for instance is that you can't take non-safety matches implying that safety matches are ok? ... you can still start a fire with safety matches

as a smoker and also someone who does need the odd drop of water passing my lips after waiting around in a hot airport i can see trouble ahead the next time i fly anywhere ... because of the terrorist threat i have to be at the airport hours ahead of schedule to allow intense security searching to take place ... if i want to smoke i have to purchase cigarettes and lighter and then throw the lighter away before going onboard because they are not allowed to be on my person or in my hand luggage ... oh hang on i mustn't even have a lighter in my suitcase according to another small sign

so hours queuing and my time being wasted and if i want to drink water or any other beverage i can but i have to throw it away before i get onboard ... no sipping a coffee ... no water bottle in your bag for the long journey ... must be a nightmare if you are travelling with children

'no sharp objects' ... so thats the mother-in-law grounded for the duration ... the tongue on her she'll never be allowed on a flight ever again

with each terrorst attack is this list going to grow and grow toi include stuff that someone in an office somewhere just doesn't like ... flat caps ... loud clothes ... ugly people

all of which raises the question ... since 9/11 the airlines have had five years to invest some of their huge profits into more sophisticated security why hasn't that happened? ... then again why bother when you can just as easily delay members of the public ... bark at them ... treat them like cattle and basically behave as if we should be grateful that they even consider letting us on a plane

i have had my share of arguments with airport staff in the past because they do sometimes seem to lose sight of the fact that majority of people who travel with them are customers not terrorists ... everyone understands the need for security and diligence but i do feel that it can be handled with courtesy and respect

would it hurt to have some leaflets that explains the reasoning behind the decisions for the items on the sign above ... if people understand why something is happening it makes it much easier to deal with ... because i have yet to hear of terrorist incident involving a mascara !

how does that work? everybody down in the floor one false move and i will make your lashes a bit thicker and give them the illusion of length and we don't want that do we? ... because your worth it

and jams? i mean really!
an attempt to avoid sticky situations? why jam why not honey? people try to blow up planes ... bomb cities ... kill and maim ... and we have to avoid carrying jam in our bag?

the world gone just a teeny weeny bit mad

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1 i z said...

"because i have yet to hear of terrorist incident involving a mascara"

Coincidently a few years back i had to have an MRI scan in one of the old fashioned machines where it's a closed ended tube type thing.

I have this really weird claustrophobia whereby I get absolute panic attacks in 'low' spaces. I think I know where it stems from, but I can't force my logic to overtake this deep rooted response that totally freaks out.

Needless to say I was cacking myself about having the MRI scan as a result (I knew from experiences with my mum what was in store).

Needless to say I also wasn't letting on, but fortunately 'best mate' reads me well and bless her, came with me (if for no other reason, I will love her forever for this).

On the list of instructions various things were banned. Including rather obviously, metal So no underwire girls and that's when I took my nose stud out and couldn't decide whether or not to put it back, so apathy took its course.

Also on the list was mascara.

But no reason why. And as you say Steve, sometimes we'd just like to understand the reason for the rules (see there is a reason for this long post!).

Anyway I got through the scan with sheer bloody-minded will-power. I had to keep my eyes closed, cos I knew the minute I opened them that panic button would get pressed.

I lay there freaking out and just forcing myself to get through it.

And cried like a baby.

The whole time.

So in conclusion, I suspect the reason for no mascara is as simple as "we're hacked off with constantly having to mop up pools of black tears off our lovely expensive scanner.

And I can see their point.

i would have asked the technician if this was indeed the case, but funnily enough I was out that room before the trolley thing had even be lowered...