Friday, October 20, 2006

comments and replies

just replying to some recent comments ... nobody has ever explained to me how this should be done ... do people go back to the comments page to see if they have been answered? ... anyway i figure this is the best format ... if you aint interested just click on

sally said ...

Video call??? Video call??? What is communication between friends coming to??? So high tech nowadays..and I have only just discovered msn....

one step at a time sweetie ... consider us paving the way so when we finally get you settled down with some nice chocolate and paying attention enough for us to explain how it works ... by then we will have ironed out the glitches and it will look as if we are brilliant and know what we are doing ... you will need a webcam ... a mic .. headphones or speakers ... some sticky back plastic ... and a very strong stomach ... it really does make your friends look like criminals ... think mug shots that move :)

Oh......Chorus Line!!! I went up to London when James was a baby and saw it twice..once with the American cast and then the British cast..I love I love I love it..I have the film which is disappointing but it fills a gap......Steve..sounds like heaven to me..xxxx

you saw the original cast production!!! so so jealous ... how bloody old are you ? one day i must sit at your knee while you tell me all about it ... at your knee sally not on it ...calm down :)

kathryn said ...
...though you are NEVER on msn when I am these days, she says, wistfully :-( )

ah yeah well i do kinda like msn ... but the problem is ... if i leave it on all the time two things happen ... either you get no work done at all ever because people constantly say hello and chat which is very nice but to be honest it is very hard to get rid of people quickly and they think you are being mean except they don't realise that they are the fifth person that morning who just wanted to chat ... or ... because it stays online all the time i come back to a screen full of messages of people saying hello .. are you there? ... fine just ignore me then see if i care ... type messages ... and i don't want my friends to think i am ignoring them ... i want them to KNOW when i am ignoring them :)

so that's ,my excuse ... but sometime i am online but not revealing that i am there so i will make a special effort to keep an eye out for you ...only you will be in india for two weeks and i am guessing chatting on msn is not part of your brief :)

dave said ...
Helicopter flight around New York is quite good fun if you haven't done it before.
ooo i like helicopters ... i will add that to my list of things to consider

Take a trip to the City Library - totally different to rest of city.
seriously? ... when you say different do you mean quieter? :) ... more rustling of papers and ssshhhing than other parts of the city :) ... explain why i would go to NY and spend some of the time in a library? ... sell this to me dave ... or is it just an attempt to make me less excitable and noisy :)

Rockefeller centre now has its own roof top viewing station and you can ice skate at ground level outside. Also, the NBC tour is OK at the Rockefeller centre.
ooo yeah ice skating ... i might have to hi-jack my friends little boys to take them with me ...not sure that the wife does ice skating really ... but good call dave .. very christmassy and very very NY

If you like Italian food I can recommend a really good restaurant the upper east side which is frequented by various film stars.
i just know this is gonna make me look shallow but hey ho ... i so wanna know where this is ... i love glamour and sparkly evenings out ... and doncha just love phrases like 'the upper east side' ... please don't make me beg ... just name it and stop toying with me!


sally said...

I lvoe it that you take time to reply to comments!!! So caring!!! No resposne to suggesting you breakfst at the Star Diner hurt... I saw the Chorus Line shows in London in 76/77. Sorry, does that make me very old.....I will dig out the programmes for you.....

Dave said...

Why go to City Library? About the only place you can visit in New York that gives you an idea of the history of the place.....and it's got free internet service. It's a place to go and look at architecture of the building, albeit not as good as Grand Central.

I'll let you have details of said restaurant.

Kathryn said...

2 weeks nothing, sweetheart! I'm in India for a whoooooooole month.
The longest I've ever been away from UK and by far the longest I've ever been away from offspring. Hence panic.
Even I could (I think) have coped with a fortnight. But it would certainly be good to see you on msn between now and departure on 1st November.x