Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reasons I Am Misunderstood

i was bitching on the phone to a friend the other day ...
let's start again

my friend and I were chatting on the phone ... nah we were bitching
when she commented how she was so misunderstood ... i agreed with her ... although thinking about it afterwards, her arguments for being misunderstood were a little weak. In fact so weak that a six year old thinking of becoming a defence lawyer sometime in the future could have deconstructed her argument.

we agreed that often we found ourselves in the situation where the world (or 'they') don't understand us. It is a few steps on from the flirting drunk sitting on the bar stool uttering the line 'my wife doesn't understand me' but it does utilise the same slighty creepy whine.

It was agreed, that often what starts out as an innocent attempt to show someone a truth about themselves is misunderstood as rudeness. An innocent remark designed to raise laughter is so misunderstood as to reduce the 'victim' to tears. A well intended passing comment that was only helping a friend to learn to laugh at themselves ends up causing a year long rift in a friendship. A silly momentary lapse of adult behaviour creating the idea for a tiny prank leading to all and sundry having debates about our behaviour and general imaturity.

So we have decided to fight back, we have created a blog so that we and others who have been persucted unjustily can declare how they to, have been misunderstood.

find it here

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hugger steward said...

ooohhh - this is gonna be good :-D