Sunday, September 17, 2006

answers to recent comments

actually answers to bits of comments ... those bits that took my fancy or made me laugh

Hugger Steward
For lack of anything to say actually related to the question that wouldn't just be my view of mummy's experience (& therefore pretty unneccessary since she'll have already made any of the worthwhile points)
now i really will take you task on that remark young hugger ... as anybody over thirty will tell you ... once we have got over the feeling of our life slipping away and given you the benefit of our wisdom and accumalted experience there is only one thing that matters ... the young ... they should be improving on what we did ... taking what we have and making it even better ... taking what we learnt and learning more ... it is all we ask of you ... so your opinion matters as does your learning curve and your voice ... if you are talking rubbish we will tell you ... if you think we are wrong then it is your right to say so ... that's why people fought wars and marched for rights ... so you have the freedom to speak out and make a right dick of yourself in public (ok ignore the last bit that was the steve urge to go for the line at all times)

Thinking is almost never a waste of time. Indeed the think might be exactly what's needed - even if the end result is "actually, on second thoughts, I'll leave it thanks"*, there could be things you pass on the way that have a big effect.

you see what i mean! an excellent comment one that has stayed with me for the last couple of days ... and the line 'the think might be exactley what's needed' i will adopt and use to death (i will claim it as my own while people think i am being brilliant and tell them it was your fault at the point when they are starting to get irritated by it). You are so right ... this bit of the journey holds no fear for me because if the end result is that i don't really wannna do it then no harm done and the think will have been worthwhile

* hence the expression "becomming a vicar is like buying a sticky bun" (anyone who can find a real reason for the analogy may win a small prize :-)
hmmm this has also bugged me ... you little tyke ...
becoming a vicar is like buying a sticky bun because ...
like a vicar the best bit is always the last mouthful :)

that track 6 "Walk away" was a good theme song,though it maybe isn't a very steve thing to do.
yeah the reason i like it ... it reminds me of all the reasons why it is a good thing to walk away ... it isn't the thing i naturally want to do ... but often it is the sensible thing to do ... still if scientists and artists had taken the sensible route we would still be walking around thinking walking was a good idea :)

I'd thank you for the wake up, if I weren't so alarmed by its implications. Aargh
ha ha ... yeah i know what you mean ... a little circle in your head ... i had the thought and it immediatly struck me that i do it as well ... and then a list of all the people i sometimes do it to ... then it alarmed me and i stopped thinking ... for good ... that's it for thinking it only causes trouble :)

Michael (he he ... it's mike ... who calls him michael?)
"Power corrupts." as someone once said. Apparently.
I've yet to meet someone in a position of power who got there, enjoys being there, and retained just one shred of altruism.
great! now what am i supposed to do? what kind of rubbish helps is that? (and i can so visualise you rolling a fag while shrugging) ... i guess the challenge is how to do power and do all you can to avoid corruption and surround yourself with the kind of people that keep your little feet stuck firmly on the ground ... my problem is that seeing how you fit the description of person i would expect to keep an eye on these little feet when you have no faith in my ability not to be corrupted eventually makes me slightly nervous :)

Call it and expose it is your only remaining strategy open to you, I would suggest, but the only problem is that there would be no going back. At which point, I guess you have to ask if you want to remain in the role that much anymore.
Your call.
your c all ... hmmm ... i reckon it will result in that good old fashioned method of making wise decisions based on the toss of a coin on the day ... we shall see what will be

followed a link from BigBulkyAnglican to here and even gave the time to read you long post.
welcome and thanks for reading my long post

I am only doing it because I think God has asked me to and that was confirmed not only by my family, friends, and church but by the selection process. It is now reaffirmed by my fellow ordinands, tutors and Principal.
See now i can handle the God bit of that ... but friends etc ... how would i know that they wouldn 't just be agreeing to keep me off the streets, keep me out of their hair ... figure i will be too busy to be such a nuisance if i have a new project ... maybe you have better quality friends than me ... or at least friends that don't want to get rid of you

I am constantly struggling with the sometimes seemingly conflicting traditional and emerging aspects of church and anglicanism. I am, though, fairly sure that a constant in my calling over the last 14 years has been to build church in such a way that it is around for the long term. Something I would now express as planting a church in the prevailing culture.
hmmm ... i think both and all types are needed ... as long as we have a variety of people we will need a variety of church ... some stuff can be constants and there are many things that people of God agree on ... the devil is in the details ... as are the disagreements and the parting of the ways ...

i have no objection to the traditional and the musty and the ancient ... equally i trust nobody will object to me using chill out club music for worship in the basement room of a high street pub ... i will never make anybody experience my choices and i trust nobody will insist i have to experience theirs ... more truthfully i would like to see someone try :)

I don’t know you at all really but some of your long post resonated with me…
ah resonance ... what happens when you make a habit of hitting links on blogs ... can we get tablets for that yet?

thanks for your comments graham i am interested in those that travel the road ahead of me .. it makes it slightly easier to know about how others have dealt/are dealing with it

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Michael Radcliffe said...

Aaah! Perhaps I should have been a little clearer.

I was speaking quite broadly about power corrupting, and I was talking about the chair rather than you, but I wasn't being resigned.

I think you're right about relying on friends to keep you down to earth, but if you choose to manipulate me, and are good at it, how would I know whether you're telling me the truth or not?

I've come up against this scenario time and again. I think it's a trust issue at the end of the day.

I think if someone is obfuscating, sometimes the only thing you can do is expose it. If you want to play along, you can figure out what it is that they're after, feed it to them, and use it to achieve leverage for what YOU want to do.

But then if you're going to go down that road, then you're kind of playing their game for them, and they've won, because they've pulled you into their tactics. it's the old realism vs. idealism battle again. It becomes exhausting because you're doing psychology rather than what you love to do, and are good at.

Example. This is what you wrote:

"..Chair was quite happy when we were all a group working together and having a laugh, being creative, stuff that made Chair feel good about themselves ... once we fell out they were revealed to have little creativity, be quite old fashioned in their outlook and be quite weak in their role ..."

If you could find out why they feel so threatened - maybe they know that creativity isn't their strong point, they know this, but have a talent for managing creatives - even if they aren't creative themselves. So you could therefore encourage them to focus on what they're good at rather than letting them focus on how things are not going too great, and them being nasty to deal with it. I'm guessing here a little bit, and maybe it's not actually like that in this situation, but you get my drift.