Saturday, March 18, 2006

Part Two

Picture the scene – we are standing in front of the latest state of the art Imac – the teenage grandson of Sharons G3 – it has Intel Core, 250GB HD and looks beautiful (to be honest I am mostly impressed by the looks as well) – it will do what Sharon needs it to do. Best of all it is reduced by £200 because a customer had taken it home then returned a few days later because he ‘didn’t get on with it’ (no idea either!).

I have taken the trouble to copy some of Sharon’s work and take it with me so she can see the difference in speed and the benefits of a big screen – I load it and while I am skipping around the screen showing off all the facilities and software the only thing, and I mean the only thing, to get an excited response, is when I casually mention the fact that down here at the bottom are some things called widgets – and as I click on a couple Sharon squeals with delight that it has a calculator and promptly tries out some adding up. Yes I did point out that £5 would buy her a perfectly good calculator and that perhaps we should not buy this over priced adding up machine. Apparently it was this calculator Sharon wanted so we took home a brand new G5 and dragged Sharon into the 21st century. But of course that was only the start of our troubles. …

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