Saturday, March 18, 2006

Part Five

The day before yesterday while Sharon was otherwise engaged I was doing various things with the G5 and I casually set a little programme going to test the Hard Drive to make sure all was well. I wouldn’t normally worry with something so new but figured I may as well walk away knowing that I have checked everything and all is well.

It reported an error. It actually reported quite a serious error in red. I didn’t have the heart to tell Sharon and as I was going to return to the Apple place the next day I would ask about the error and see what I needed to do.

The following morning I asked if they had something to run on the Imac to see what the problem was and try and repair it. I went home ran it and it couldn’t fix it.

So after all that, we have to back up everything we have loaded onto the Imac, make a note of all the settings, delete anything we have put on it and return it to the store. Now to be fair Apple are replacing it immediately with a brand new system with a smile and an apology for the inconvenience.

Sharon & I are bordering on hysterical now; we have spent more time in each others company than is healthy for two friends that usually only meet with a drink in their hands. Of course it is not over yet, we still have to start again with the new Imac and reload everything.

There may yet be a part six to this story
But for now suffice to say that Bee Tee should be ashamed of themselves!
Their only saving grace is that people tell horror stories about other phone companies
But if that is the best you can say about a company that the rest are rubbish too …


Kathryn said...

Horribly familiar ring to this whole tragic tale (except that when it happened to me, I lacked the Steve in shining armour to encourage me....)
Not sure if Bee Tee or tiscali were less helpful...very close run thing.
And my grey hairs definitely multiplied in the 6 week process.

see-through faith said...

soap opera stuff with Bee Tee and Dehli anyway

Michael Radcliffe said...

Maybe the problem is that instead of asking for an iMac, you're asking for Imac, and getting hair remover.

Maybe you're actually talking about hair remover, and I've read the whole thing wrong.

Let me go back and read it a sec...

Rainbow dreams said...

hope it's all sorted, though there is some perverse pleasure in reading other people's tales of trauma - it's kind of reassuring when it comes to my own!