Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 and all that

Yeah I know … I haven’t blogged in ages … I agree I am a very bad person … so sue me

The decorating finally got finished and somewhere I have some photos … but as you will see I have been a little distracted … there are still a couple of bits to finish off (snagging they call it in the building trade) … we now have a nice shiny new study but I am afraid I will never again take on a project that big … it drove me crazy … things like fiddling with electrics make me very unhappy as I am convinced I will kill myself or someone else in the process

Three days before Christmas my laptop died … a real not worth paying for it to be repaired type of death … so i went out and got a new one … we couldn’t really afford it but it is now one of life’s essentials and the idea of life without one was unthinkable

It has everything you could want and I am very excited about it … I wasn’t allowed a Mac but I have a new Vaio with 160GB of hard drive so I can store all my music … the coolest thing is that it has biometric fingerprint access … which basically means I don’t type in a password I just scan my fingerprint … very james bond

Spent hours loading software and restoring stuff … thankfully for once everything was backed up so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been … I do think these things should be easier nowadays … hours spent downloading and updating

Just realised as I typed that … I haven’t actually asked anybody else to try and get into it so it could be a load of rubbish … it might say it’s reading your fingerprint but in fact it is just an on switch … I will test it later and check

Christmas was spent with a vile virus attack which left me … shall we say … visiting the toilet a lot … I happily passed it onto most people that I met … I am  probably one of the few that lost weight over the christmas period … it was a bit sad as I couldn’t eat much and had to cancel a trip to see my family in case I made all the children ill … I’ve recovered now but it did take over a week

2006 has opened with a bit of a bleak start … grey skies and drizzly rain … I think I will do something useful indoors

No doubt I will blog sometime soon … you never can tell


Rach said...

Good to see a post! And glad you are feeling better. Matt was ill just after Christmas and lost weight that way - sadly I'm having to just try the old dieting route!

Happy new year & hope to see you in 2006!

Rach x

sally said...
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sally said...

Finally..after several attempts this seems to have worked.....Steve, don't worry, I have eaten enough for the two of us, and I look like it too. Gosh it loses spontaniety (spelling?)when you've typed it seven times.....was it worth it??

1 i z said...

Steve is using the phrases 'snagging'.

I'm scared.

I feel a paradigm shift coming on...