Monday, August 15, 2005

working 9-5

this week i am going to be working in the greenbelt office
i have done a few days for them over the last few weeks but i decided they could do with the help this week ... the last week before everyone goes to site and it is chaos in the office ... chaos of the organised sort but with this slightly manic sense of the clock ticking

it is quite weird this 'going to work' thing ... i have been musing recently around the idea of getting a job ... it seems a bit daft not to sometimes ... then i remember that i have no qualifications and am actually getting a bit old ... i think i have quite a good skills set and quite a bit of experience ... i also can't get my head around how i would do everything else that i need to do

having said all that i am intrigued with the idea of taking on a challenge ... a bit bored with pottering around on this and that project ... i keep wondering if it would be possible ... then again finding the job may prove a little difficult ... all the things i would probably like to do either require three years studying at degree level whihc at my age i can ill afford to do and seems a complete waste of time when i have lived this long and got by without the bits of paper

my CV looks like it was written by a playboy (on the cheap) ... a little light charity work ... owned a business ... a little shopping ... a bit of cruising around town with the roof down ... a bit of networking and some exotic holidays ... naturally i can write it better than that but i may as well start each paragraph with the phrase 'as a kept man ...'

hard work and long hours don't phase me but i think the loss of freedom would be hard to adjust to ... but i think i will explore the possibilities ... you never know what is out there until you look

talking of jobs ... one job i could never do is be a missionary ... we have spent some of the weekend with friends who are this week going back to being missionaries ... we spent some time with them and their three grown up boys (in our heads they are still kids but they have certainly grown) ... personally i am quite horrified at what they are about to do ... they are going to be thousands of miles away ... and it is not a happy plaxce that they are going ... our support is to be spare parents for the boys in case of emergency and provide the odd meal around times like christmas so they don't feel completly abandoned :) ... and the worse things is that we have to be careful what we say about where they are and what they do because it is quite a dangerous place they are living ... when i am king i am so gonna ban people from going to dangerous places and they will have to obey cos i will be king ... s'ok telling us all about it but i then worry myself sick about all the things that might happen and that if anything does happen we will be left to look after the kids and they really can eat loads :)

anyway i have to get ready for work (he he he) (how grown up is that?) ... i'm guessing blog entries will be a little slap dash over the next few weeks as we freefall towards the start of greenbelt (but i am determined to blog from the site this year ... now that someone has told me that our work areas had wireless broadband all along)


1 i z said...

You can have my job if you want ;-)

1 i z said...

Oh I should probably add...I'd need to keep the wages though. They're not much (trust me), but they kind of pay the bills etc...

Still...Steve F thinking about getting a 'proper' job...and they call this the silly season for some reason ;-)