Sunday, January 16, 2005

comment on comments

can't work out what to do with comments ... do i add a comment and will the commenter see it and have a reply ... or do i as the blog owner comment here ... or reply via email ... protocol is so complicated to learn ... there are quite enough things in life that collude to make me look a doofus without adding more :)

so for now i will write about them here cos it's my blog and i'll write if i want to

sally said ... Our lives are both shallow and deep at the same time ...
i love that thought sally ... it has been hanging around my brain all morning ... the irony of worrying myself sick about the friends in thailand on boxing day while opening the door to 40+ visitors and wishing them merry christmas ... pouring drinks ... attempting to be genial host all the time holding a dread in my soul that we had just lost two of my favourite people on the planet ... holding off the tears while pouring good cheer ... bizarre

i keep having problems being out with friends in trendy bars and watching all the loose fun and laughter and wondering if i should be participating in all of this frivolity ... i keep having moments of depth which is quite disconcerting for someone so shallow :)

and kathryn ... Steve love, I guess I might have been among those 6 (as if, mr were never going to draw a small audience, as I suspect you know really ;-))

kathryn that is a very sweet observation (i guess i amuse as many as i piss off in equal measure) but i really wasn't doing the false modesty bit (modesty forbid! ) ... i was really just amazed how people find them in the first place ... because people usually use cool names (current favourite 'new kid on the blog') you can't search via their name ... it just throws me when people comment about having read my little blog ... i mean did they ask? ... is it not a bit like reading other people's mail? ... no i guess not ... it would be the equivalant of putting your mail on a board in the middle of Paddington Station

oh weird moment 64b ... just made a comment to my wife about this conversation 'yes she said i read that' huh? now the wife is reading this blog ... why? i tell her everything anyway what would be the point? ... well if you are reading this darling can i have duck for dinner please? (and in case she doesn't get around to it anyone else feel free to make my dinner) ... see this is getting weird now worlds within worlds

anyway back to normal blogging rather than comment blogging ... oh it's just like a conversation ...i get it now :)

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