Saturday, October 02, 2004

observations on a hectic week

well that was interesting
if i had to choose i think i would have reshaped the past week
a little less death a little more drink

highlights ... well i spent wednesday night in colchester ... got there much later than intended
had a drink in the bar of the hotel ... wide awake at midnight decied to go for a stroll ... ooo i thought a nice walk with my trusty ipod ... so i wandered into what is laughingly referred to as 'High Street' ... now i grant you i was wearing a large matrix style coat ... walking along minding my own business when a car with four yoofs in it slowly crawled by ... one of them lent out the window and shouted 'stop being so weird' ... i looked around and then realised it was directed at me ... i mean please not even a half decent heckle ...stop being so weird! why? can you get arrested for that in these parts? ... and i'm sorry i was not being weird i was minding my own business probably listening to the new U2 track (current obsession) ... anyway that's Colchester for you ... non sweary but vocal in it's opinions

death twice in a day was quite hard to deal with ... now i know what a crematorium looks like and how it all works ... loved the way at both places the vicar/vicarette placed their hand on the coffin when they pray the prayer which send them off (no idea what the proper name is sorry) ... but i thought it was human and personal like they were comforting them

sad to lose people ... hard to see the pain that people close to them were suffering ... all words see inadequate and pointless ... i settled for hugs and trying not to cry ... well it smudges the mascara for one thing

went for the interview on monday
got the job on thursday

oh did i not mention that ... well to be honest what with one thing and another ... found out at home between funerals and didn't feel i could go around telling everyone (well thats some good news at least would not have been so tactful)

so i am now an advocate ...well actually i will be once i have been cleared and trained
my mother was with me when i foound and she is so excited that i have a 'proper' job ... parents nowdays have higher standards they expect so much of us

a pair of aunts are heading our way for a dcrink so i had better go and make myself respectable


lilly said...

steve! so sorry about your uncle and! lots has happened since the first week of sept. when we had such fun laughing at old frasier episodes!
it's been crazy here too, just no deaths thankfully.
was out to dinner with rob friday night missing steve and laura!
having a "we miss england " moment and i guess that was a holy spirit inkling to send some prayers your way!
glad the job will work out and i do know you can kick the smoking!
you and jesus can do all things, you've proved that !
love the steve chalke book!
seriously thinking of resigning from my proper job...
just tired of it all.
love to you and laura!

Kathryn said...

Proud of you for getting the'll be a star, I know, even if having a "proper job" feels dangerously respectable.
Thanks too for commenting on the way the clergy did the commendation during the service...I've dithered as to whether or not the hand on coffin bit was the right thing to boss doesn't, but my instinct was to do so, so I'll try it at next opportunity (not next funeral, as that's a burial and I can just see myself falling in or something.
Now, have a gentler week if you can Kxx

Kathryn said...
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Sally said...

Congratulations on the job. I want to hear all about it!! love Sallyxxx