Saturday, September 11, 2004

that was the week that was

well i have been a slack little blogger ... think i need a PA to type my thoughts for me

we finally get the house to ourselves and clearing the debris of the last few weeks can be undertaken
and that sounds like we didn't have fun ... well of course we did ... but the washing and ironing and put off tasks that you face once the house has cleared is very time consuming ... really not complaining it is good to see people and you always pay for it in the end ... hey i only just emptied my boot of greenbelt stuff yesterday morning

an expensive week as well ... broke the car to the tune of about 2k worth of damage (that'll be for the attention of the insurance company then) ... a speculative court action has drawn to a dead end leaving a huge bill (oh another story for another day ...really! ) ... and some expensive dental treatment

but lots of fun stuff as starting as well ... kicking off the post greenbelt period by setting up a company with two other friends that will include managment, record label and production ... very excited by this project and i like the idea of working with people i like ... our first struggle is to find a name ... why are things so hard to name? like titles they have to be just right ... sometimes it is easier to say what you don't want/like than it is to hone in on the one that works ... our favourite so far was Anger Management/Records/Productions ... amused us the idea of turning up red faced and bellowing things 'Anger Managment here why isn't this ready yet? !!!

currently toying with names around the lazy penguin managment and slightly surreal variants on the penguin theme ... dunno why it just appeals to us

lots of work to do now ... that's the trouble with setting stuff up you have to start doing things ... not so much fun but essential i guess

finished reading steve chalke's new book ... ready to help defend him now ... why do evagelicals whine so much ... he has made so many good points and has opened up discussion and debate ... but hey why don't we shoot that messenger ... if jesus was to return right now i am certain that 'church' would crucify him just for the things he was saying ... ah ... we have actually been there before ... i remember :)

gotta spend the weekend doing inlaws and a christening thing ... so church which will be interesting and have the side effect of much tongue biting ...yeah lovely service and such moving hymns grrrr

ok have to go and do some real work rather than this putting it off blog writing thing

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