Wednesday, September 15, 2004


the company is named
after about a hundred suggestions ... and thanks everyone for the suggestions ... at least we had great fun at the idea of introducing ourselves as 'anger management' ... we then decided we liked the idea of surreal and weird and started to ask friends to give us a word to go in front of 'penguin management' ... the best were 'rancid' ... 'burst' ... 'sloppy' ... but we decided that sick was not a good option ... we also rejected the idea of 'deflated penguin management' 'inflated penguin records' and 'reflated penguin productions' ... my favourite was the idea of dsylexic penguin management ... dsylexic pgnuien records and dsylexic nunpige productions :)

and now our choice will seem tame
but we have gone with .... lazy penguin ... management/records & productions
next thing is to get a logo ... that will be so cute !

if i seem a little excited it's because i am
this is such fun
and highly recommended .... if you wanna have a blast set up a company with friends ...its such fun get to plan stuff with people that you like and that make you laugh loads ... as one of them remarked the other day ...this is effortless ... and it's true it is

not much else to report really ... just having meetings ... drinking coffee ...giggling a lot
still thats not so bad :)

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Kathryn said...

Just to prove that I did indeed head obediently for your blog when so instructed...
Will drink success to Lazy Penguin Management as soon as I can find anything other than ovaltine in which to do so :-)Hope it goes on being effortless and joyful,and maybe even profitable one day! xKx