Saturday, August 07, 2004

working title

every time i sit down to write anything in my blog i stare at the screen trying to think of a title ... it is so stupid but i feel like it would be weird if a load of rubbish titles were lined up in the sidebar

it is a beautiful morning here in London town ... i have to go to a greenbelt meeting this morning so i will have to maybe do some garden stuff later ... nothing worse than being inside in a meeting on a day like this

i got more comments ... excellent ... thanks pab and i won't let it go to my head ... i am so down the other end of the spectrum on this one ... i read other blogs and think other people are fascinating and say funny, incisive or deep stuff and i constantly think i should stop blogging ... but then i feel the same when i watch a talented actor or musician ... you know the kind of 'what am i for' type of thought ... that isn't meant to be as miserable as it reads

and i got a comment from someone i don't even know ... a really helpful comment ... how did they find me? ... well however you did Mr Me thank you very much for the help and advice ... ok i know i have to stop commenting on having comments ... but this is such a weird world ... i lunge from thinking i should self edit what i write because total strangers might be reading ... to thinking what does it matter

bit weird really as i have spent most of my life standing in front of audiences saying weird things and courting reaction ... well i say courting ...

do people leave bad or nasty comments? ... it always seems such a nice helpful world the world of bloggers ... that can't be right surely the world is not a nice place ... it amuses me the idea of say a teacher leaving correction and comments ... weak writing and the plot could use some work

ok i am now going to try and fiddle with pictures i shall start with the Mr Me advice and also read help files and such like ... see where i end up

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