Friday, August 06, 2004

more fiddling

i seem to have conquered the standard changes needed to my template
made all the fonts less chunky and cool colours
and learnt how to add sidebar stuff like links and other blogs

other people have pictures and thats not fair so i will have to explore that a bit
try and find out how to do it

and some people seem to have a subject filing system on their sidebar now that does look good
wonder how they did that ... come to that how do they find out how to do these things in the first place ... there must be a blogger site discussing all this somewhere ...i shall go and surf ... now where did i put my wetsuit ...


Mr. Me said...

Pictures aren't as hard as they look. To add in pictures, you will need to know a little html and sign up with a place to host (online file place) your pictures. I recommend - a free place to upload your pictures. They also make it pretty easy to copy and paste a line to get a picture in your blog. Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you.
~ Mr. Me ~

Daniel said...

Hey Steve, just found your blog via a referral from your site - very good, ta for the link! :-)