Monday, August 02, 2004

a short explaination of intent

suppose i should give some explaination as to what all these things are that i pass the time with ... and why i decided to blog again

i started blogging because my wife decided to run the london marathon last year and take on jefferey archer ... she was incensed that he had decided to try and break the world record for most money raised by running a marathon ... she didn't mind him raising money just didn't like him hijacking the marathon to clean up his image ... he didn't manage to break the record ... neither did laura but it was fun trying ... and in true archer style she decide to take the credit for stopping him single handed :)

anyway that's what got me into this blogging thing and i recently wanted to add the concept to a website wot i am doing with someone and introduce others to the blogging world ... i am in the process of re-designing the websitefor ACG and it seemed an ideal thing to introduce to our members ... a lot of our members are constantly on the move touring, performing, away from home ... it seemed that blogging would give them a way to stay in touch with people and allow people to keep an eye on them while away, be involved and care from a distance ... we are still working on the re-design so that may take some time ... but wanting to is almost the same as actually doing

in the meantime i figured it made sense to apply the theory ... but who has the time ... but then short bursts of activity on a blog have got to be better than no activity at all we shall see how it goes

as for what it is for ... well i guess i think of it as a public diary ... some friends have blogs that are full of great thoughts and amazing things to read, thought provoking and inspiring ... it would be foolish for me to even attempt to follow that style ... mainly because inspiring is beyond me

i prefer to roam wherever i need to at any given moment ... maybe blogs are like other any other creative process ... you paint or make music because you have to and if others like it then all well and good ... if they don't you have still fulfilled a need in yourself ... what that says about the need i have to talk to myself is a worrying thought that i won't persue

i wonder how many bloggers eventually end up musing on the act of blogging and what it's for ... maybe you need to not think about it and just do it ... like so many things in life

don't even know if anyone will ever read this blog ... it seems a litle crass to advertise ... what do you say to friends ... if you think i am fascinating / funny / or just plain amazing you should read my blog here's the url ... ahh does it tap into that urge in people to secretly read someone's diary :)

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