Monday, August 02, 2004

my life pt 1

well just so it is here somewhere i guess i should put some stuff about me ... my friend has little links to stuff about her but i can't work out how to do that ... well not yet anyway

i am 43 ... soon to be 44 ... am married to laura and we have no children or pets ... we have been foster parents, 3 teenage boys over five years ... we have owned some pet birds once but only because they were a wedding present ... we have lived in Rotterdam in fact we got married there

we now live in south london in a house that we moved into two years ago and we are constantly doing things to it ... we never have enough money to do the huge projects that we want to do but for now we muddle along trying to fix stuff and make it look good

laura works with a big investment bank in the city, works long hours and earns the money ... we constantly feel like passing ships as we juggle work and social life but then i guess that is the modern lifestyle ... work hard play hard and see each other in snatched five minutes ... because laura earns well we made a decision a few years ago that i would not take a job but would be part time house husband and part time dabbling in various projects

currently i help out with greenbelt arts festival on the performing arts booking and producing the acts ... i am the leader of holy joes ... and i am on the board of Arts Centre Group ... i also serve as a trustee of S:Vox ... and i am about to embark on a large project for ACG called Arts Fabriek ... i will explain more about these projects in another post

i am a Christian and have been since about 19 ... never really fitted into the mainstream church hence my long term involvement with holy joes ... there was a time when i guess i would have been thought of as an unconventional Christian but i think society has shifted and seems to accomodate those of us that used to think of ourselves as on the fringes

never sure how long a post should be ... memos or chapters ... i guess i decide

more in part two

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