Thursday, June 21, 2007

this blog has moved

my blog has moved to here

please update your bookmarks and links

sorry for any inconvenience 


Vinod Richard-Webber said...

Welcom to the mac world steveeeee boy....finally Laura dropped her defence. I am so pleased. So Enjoy your holidays and also your Mac. See you soon.

Caroline said...

either it's my sad windows pc or it's your settings...but only the front page of your new blog is accessible - the 'read more' page comes up with this lovely error message......:

"We're sorry
but we can't find the iWeb page you've requested. It's possible that:
· The address was entered incorrectly. Check your spelling and try again.
· The .Mac member of this name has either created a page and removed it or has never published an iWeb site.
· There is no .Mac member of this name. If you'd like this member name for yourself, sign up for a .Mac account right now and have your own iWeb site in minutes. "

I'm desolate.

steve said...

caroline ... i don't know why it is doing that ... it is ok on our windows oc ... are you on xp?

nobody else has mentioned this
then again maybe only three people read it and two of those are on a mac :)

maybe you need to empty your cache ... one moment while i try and remember how to do that :)

in your browser go to 'tools' ... 'internet options' and then delete the history

maybe someone else might know why ... i will blog on it ... you won't be able to read it but we all will :)