Tuesday, June 12, 2007

so good they delayed me twice

so we made it to new york via the upper class virgin lounge
very tempted to stay there and not bother with the trip
people kept asking me if i needed anything
and then just bringing it to me

i was persuaded by the lady wife that trogging up 5th Ave ... in the middle of the night ... with an expensive gadget under my arm ... was foolhardy ... the apple store on 5th is open 24/7 ... it was very tempting ... mrs sensible won the argument as she so often does

the following morning 8.45 sipping coffee and waiting for the apple store in Soho to open ... at 9am i strode through the door only to be met by a smiling apple employee who told me they didn't open until 9.30 ... ok the lesson today is patience ...grrr

i get a txt from a friend asking me i i am still in NY ... i tell him i am and resign myself to another trip to the CK store to buy some pants ... no i dunno why either but they all ask me ... do i look like a lingerie salesperson? ...shuddup liz nobody asked you ... actually does the word lingerie cover boys pants? ... anyway ... turns out he is also in NY at the other apple store buying a mac book ... so we arrange to meet for lunch

9.30 and i am waiting outside the door looking at a young american student type wearing a t-shirt with a dalek on it !? i mean how can they know about daleks? ... we will exterminate ... oh i get it ... small war mongering robots  with only one thing on their minds ... inevitable i guess any way on with my mission 

it is quite amazing just how quickly you can spend a large amount of money when you really need to ... i returned to the hotel to unpack it all ... and then it slowly dawned on me ... i was having lunch with my friend ... i didn't have time to play with the new toy much ... that patience thing again ... at this rate i will be a saint by the end of this trip

lunch was followed by shopping punctuated by refreshment stops which was followed by dinner ... finally this morning i sat down with a large coffee ... wireless connection ... a new mac pro book and fell in love all over again


1 i z said...

And since when did I ever wait to be asked?

Steve my love I'd never suggest you look like "a lingerie salesperson"...someone who hangs out in lingerie departments a lot maybe, but not someone who actually works there.

hugger steward said...

Oh she is good...
Haven't laughed that much for several days, I fear.

Anyways - glad you've got your new baby Steve. I may not fully understand the choice, but I know exactly the feeling on diving in for the first time.... Good times :-D

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

steve, i agree with Liz sweetie - missed you last monday - actually missed everyone cos am shite at arrangements.

Liz told me of the good karma finding your direction...jealous, love the apple called big

i guess we'll hear all about it next month
ps, was good to finally meet your bodyguard maggi and ben.....

weeb said...

Hi steven this is David foster the son of Edgar foster I have just heard that my uncle Harold has died.we are all very sorry to hear this. I haven't seen him for years and I have just got this web site from My auntie Doreen. I have never met you before and have often wondered what you are like. I know this is a bad time to try to get in touch but perhaps you could e-mail me at some time in the future. My e-mail is weeb.com@hotmail.co.uk.