Monday, April 30, 2007

retro life

i have just spent two weeks without my computer
i won't bore you with the crap customer service provided by Sony Vaio
you know the score by now ... slow ... indifferent ... never calling back when they say they will
from now on we should only talk of customer service when it is good ...
you know ... how it should be

so that was what life was like before 1984 ... hmmm ... don't like it much
unfortunately living as if it was '84 did not make me look any younger
i did get a lot done ... the house and garden has never been so tidy
i got so many jobs done that i had been meaning to get to but never had the time
then again i had no itunes ... no updates for my tom tom

once more i am sat i n the warm sunshine ... sipping coffee and answering a ton of emails
isn't technology great :)

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