Thursday, March 08, 2007


so ... i'm a boy
and boys like gadgets
but this one really wasn't my fault

a few weeks ago the lady wife started a conversation
that went something like this

ladywife: do you think if we got a flat screen TV and put it on the wall above the fireplace we could get rid of that unit ... make more space ... add a couple of chairs so we have more seating

me: (hardly daring to breathe) (not believing my luck) (approaches the subject really carefully looking for traps) ... well it would certainly make more space

ladywife: well i have a bonus and it makes sense to do it

me: well if we are going to do it we should do it properly ... no point buying that kind of thing only to have to upgrade it later

ladywife: oh im not interested in that kind of stuff i'll leave all that to you

me: (opens mouth to speak) (closes mouth) (rendered speechless)

ladywife: what?

me: it could be quite expensive

ladywife: how much?

me: well with large screen and surround sound and fixtures and we'll need leads and this and that (names a large sum of money) ... (waits)

ladywife: ok then sort it out (goes to make dinner)

me: (casually wanders to study to look at shiny new TV's online)

so we have a nice shiny TV (42" Pioneer Plasma) ... surround sound ... amplifer/dvd with High Definition ... two old leather chairs off ebay ... loads of space and a whole new look to our lounge

it is so cool ... can't wait for wimbledon ... keep watching old dvd's just to see how good they look ... thought i might get over how cool it was but i haven't yet ... surround sound makes me jump outta my skin sometimes ... and it's not like an ipod you can't wander about with it ... and boy do other TV's look pants ... ladywife says it is wrong to sneer at other people's small TV's ... one friend pointed out that they were younger than us and their eyesight wasn't going yet

you wonder why i don't blog so much


Unknown said...

Can I come round?

maggi said...

I'm coming over, I'll bring the popcorn :)

sally said...

funny, I was going to say, can i come round, but two people beat me to it...I'll book a seat for lucky lucky man, don't you have the perfect wife to make you buy such shiny new toys???

Lucy said...

I'm coming round too!

Can i use the shiny coffee machine too? I love that thing.