Sunday, February 11, 2007


so my aunt appeared
not in a cloud of smoke you understand
just ... you know ... came around for the evening
and she came with a gift for us
A Kenwood Chef
the kind with all the attachments ... whisk ... blender ... mincer

the thing is it is over 30 years old
and it is amazing
a real workhorse of an appliance
and looking as if it has just come out of it's box
(the Kenwood chef ... not my aunt)

i went online to see if there was any remote chance that you could still get any attachments or replacement parts for it ... i started with ebay thinking i might get lucky ... and there were loads of bits and pieces ... then i checked the Kenwood site ... they still sell bits for it ... not just bowls and attachments but fiddly little engine parts and screws and stuff

i was amazed ... what a great product ... and what a great company to bother to support something for so long

a customer had written in and told them about her Kenwood Chef that was still working after 47 years and living in six different countries

it got me thinking ... as i looked around my house i am not sure there are many things that will still be usable in 47 years ... and that includes me and the wife

they don't make 'em like that anymore


Kathryn said...

Ahh...nostalgia. I bought one of those plus a Tower Slow Cooker with my very first ever post-uni pay packet. If we hand't melted the mixing bowl whatsit, it would doubtless be working happily to this day!

sally said...

Ah..we were given a Kenwood chef as a wedding presnent, 34 years ago!! It is still going strong..I mixed a cake in it only last Sunday..and as far as I remember, we have never needed a spare part....

hugger steward said...

And, as an added bonus, we can now say that not every story about a female relative producinmg an ageing domestic appliance ends badly :-P