Friday, November 03, 2006

notes on comments

responding to recent comments
and this is my chosen method ... it saves everybody looking in comments all the time

on the subject of tom tom's

stuart said ...
I'm sooooooooooo jealous I want one.
Meant to be shopping for one after christmas,
hey we can compare them at GB, what other voices can you get,
oh its not fair I want mine now!
won't comparing comments make us slightly like those uncles at weddings who have to have a long involved discussion about the merits of the A246 versus the roadworks on the A384? ... you can get voices like a New York Cabbie and others find them at ... we got TomTom One which seems to do the job and is nice and slim and easy to use

rach said ...
they're great, aren't they.
The car we got last year came with a navigation system -
sadly only the choice between a male and female voice.
What we love is the fact that it hasn't got one of the bridges we use in
Nashville in it...sadly it doesn't frantically warn us of our impending doom
rather just repeats the "turn around at the nearest opportunity",
until we make it across the river and it picks us up from there!
Have fun!
yeah we have had some moments with it ... the first time we used it to drive up to town ... driving down The Strand it suddenly demanded we do a U turn ... we pointed out it was just the teeniest bit illegal so we wouldn't be doing that if it was all the same to him ... we also love it if you ignore it and divert onto a preferred route ... it will re-calculate ... which usually involves about four attempts to make you turn right and pull you back onto the road it had wanted you to take ... then it kind of resigns itself to the fact you are making a decision for yourself and starts joining in ... but not without leaving a slight air of disapproval and a sense that it thinks you are making a very big mistake

on the subject of Touch Typing

sally ...
A certain David person gave me a free mavis CD teach yourslf do da
because I felt the same, I wanted to learn to do it proeprly,
letetrs in the right order etc...but the Cd turned out to eb
cracked right across the uselss as Piglet's burst balloon....
this comment did make me laugh ... an advert for why you do indeed need to learn to type properly and maybe just a little bit of spelling practise... perhaps?

liz said ...
"as uselss as Piglet's burst balloon..."
now that's not an expression you hear everyday!
As for touch typing, I so know what you mean Steve.
Let me know if the Mavis method works, I might be tempted myself.
well it kind of works ... finding the time to sit down and do the lessons seems to be the major problem ... whenever i do sit at my computer it is to plough through a load of emails and stuff ... which requires me to type and would be so much easier if i could touch type but i never seem to have the time to ... round & round we go :) ... i was thinking of doing a bridget jones diary type thing at the top of each blog entry ... Accuracy 91% (v.good) WPM 14 (v.bad ) packets of cigarettes 9 (less than yesterday v.good) eye strain Average

more than alive said
t is 22, ey!
the german lad.

great he finds my blog without asking :) ... sorry i made you older than you are ... i am sure i heard 23 ... maybe you were trying to make yourself sound more mature to impress the grown ups ... i apologise ... apparently the german lad is only 22 ... dont worry german lad ... from my perspective it won't be long before you are 23 from now on it flies by :)

on the subject of debauching

never seen Pretty Woman Steve????
this comment has been said a lot to me this week (sally was the first) someone replayed the scene for me - word for word (yeah me too it's the last time i will be seeing them i think) ... and i did kind of burn again at the thought of what i had said ... what bothers me isn't so much the idea that the bouncy man thought i had pulled three young fillies and was up for a bit of a session (well I'm sorry that only makes me look good in the eyes of another man) it was the thought that i had accidentally used such a sleazy line ... i prefer my sleaze to be well planned in advance and my one liners to be quippy, fast and original

mike ...
Twas a lovely evening, despite the fact that
I woke up the next morning feeling like my whole face had moved an inch to the left
great description of what it feels like :)

cal said ...
Given that it was your lovely lady wife and I who later went up to the room
with the said young things I wonder what the bouncy man thought of that?!!
ah yes i had forget about that ... i now have a mental image of the bouncy man watching and wryly smiling and saying to himself 'hmmm couldn't have got that more wrong ... still the bloke looked a bit old to take that lot on ... this make a lot more sense'

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Michael Radcliffe said... useless as a chocolate teapot.. useless as an ashtray on a motorbike... useless as a prick in a nunnery...

Dontcha just love comparative metaphors?