Tuesday, October 24, 2006

touch typing

the other day i had a young German lad staying at our house ... i say young he was 23 but everything is relative when it is the day before your birthday ... and as i typed that i realised that tomorrow that makes him half my age ... doncha just hate the young :)

anyway i digress ... at one point he showed me something on the computer and asked if he could check his emails ... i sat across the room chatting while he answered a few emails ... and i got so jealous ... he just effortlessly touch typed ... really fast and really accurately ... it really really annoyed me

i can type quite fast with two fingers and i figured that must mean i know the keyboard but don't know how to use all my fingers ... i have a nice flat laptop keyboard ... maybe just maybe i can learn to do that ... it would be so useful ... i could do so much so much quicker ... obviously it would be the same old nonsense i was typing but i would do it in less time

so ... i ordered Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing version 16 ... and i am going to try and learn ... begging the question ... can you teach this particular old dog some new tricks Mavis? ... i

we shall see
naturally from the point of view of this blog it makes negligible difference to the reader ... but productivity might improve ... errors could be less ... and i will have added a skill to my set

RSI here we come


sally said...

A certain David person gave me a fre mavis CD teach yourslf do da because I felt the same, I wanted to learn to do it proeprly, letetrs in the right order etc...but the Cd turned out to eb cracked right across the middle..as uselss as Piglet's burst balloon.....................

1 i z said...

"as uselss as Piglet's burst balloon..." now that's not an expression you hear everyday!

As for touch typing, I so know what you mean Steve. Let me know if the Mavis method works, I might be tempted myself.

MoreThanAlive said...

it is 22, ey!
the german lad.