Monday, October 16, 2006

A Chorus Line

in my defence it is a classic
and the reason i feel the need to defend it is that i have already had the slightly sneery comments '... and you wonder why they call you camp' ... 'why are you gonna see that!?' ... 'good grief was nothing else on'

the thing is i have seen the film, read the script, have the soundtrack on my ipod and to be honest i feel slightly more comfortable defending a classic piece of musical theatre than i would defending the reasons why i am a trekkie ... i'm not a trekkie but if i was ... oh you know what i mean

for the record ... it has won 9 Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama ... in 1984 it won a special Tony Award for being the longest running show on Broadway

but the reasons why i love it are the the well written characters ... the choreography ... and the songs ... oh the songs ... 'One' ... 'What I Did For Love' ... 'Nothing' ... 'Dance: 10 Looks:3'

I never thought i would ever get to see a theatre production of it

I am kind of torn when it comes to Musicals ... i hated Miss Saigon (walked out) ... would never go and see Les Miserables (the glums) ... can't bear Phantom ... but Oliver or My Fair Lady and a few others i adore ... i mostly like the songs ... the old theatre adage of leaving the show whistling the toons is me all over

On The Street Where She Lives ... I'll Do Anything ... As Long As He Needs Me ... i can happily hum these while hoovering or washing up

bottom line ... i like the show and if you don't it's your loss


1 i z said...

Ah I'm only teasing and to be fair, I'd like you a whole lot less if you were a trekkie. ;-)

sally said...

I am with you all the way...but...I do lvoe Les Mis. Give it a is not all of my favourites!!!!!