Wednesday, October 11, 2006

being an invalid

Have spent the last few days suffering from a sleep injury
I seem to have wrenched a muscle in my shoulder which is agony
Went to an NHS walk in clinic so they could tell me what was wrong

Apparently it is called Torticollis and basically the diagnosis was ‘yeah it happens sometimes in your sleep if you turn over in an odd way and no we can’t really do anything about it take some nurofen and lie down a lot’

I am sure if I was in America they would have injected me with something to make the pain go away … the pain hasn’t gone away … I know some people who can pronounce drug names and know what to take for any ailment … I am not one of them … I don’t like taking tablets (the swallowing of large pills makes me wanna puke but in this case I just had to take something but nurofen are just not cutting it … of course it might be worse without them and I dare not stop taking them in case it does get really bad again … I will just take them forever now … just in case it returns

Went to the iPod Show on Saturday afternoon (a Greenbelt offshoot )… we have done a similar thing at holy joes before now except we just used a laptop and played CD’s … the basic concept is that Pip Wilson interviews you while you play a minute each of three tracks and say why you chose it … only three!

I spent all week trying to narrow it down to three … in the end I chose one track from the last three decades as a nod towards the kind of thing I like … of course everyone else was cutting edge/classic/out on the edges type stuff so I felt like Mr Vanilla (as my gay friend is in the habit of calling me) … it was such an interesting thing to listen to all this different music … learnt a lot about the music but also about the people via their choices … there is talk of another one in January so try to get along … doesn’t matter if you don’t own an iPod or mp3 player … you can always ask me to cue up your choices for you

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