Tuesday, September 26, 2006

that was the week

went away without my laptop
i know i know - but it seemed like the best way of distancing myself from all the stuff i was trying to sort out - odd logic but sometimes some space enables you to think clearer

it feels like we spent more time on motorways than actually stopping anywhere - M1 roadworks beyween jct 6-10 are just rubbish ... and explain to me please how 'road widening ' means that there are traffic cones and contraflows ... surely the point is that you are adding some road to the sides of the current road so QED no need for the middle bit to be contraflowed ... grrrr ... apparantly they will be finished in 2008 and we will presumably have eight lanes of traffic at a standstill instead of six

that problem i talked about with the charity that were doing the dirty on me has come to abrupt halt ... the sane side of the Board (the bit on my side) were going to take them on in a big fisty cuffs fight and slap them about a bit but frankly none of us could be bothered ... we met and we talked and we all agreed that we didn't wanna play with them anymore ... so the others are gonna resign and we will go and do something more interesting instead ... no idea what but it will be fun looking ... so it seems Kathryn was right, the song Walk Away by Cast seemed to supply the soundtrack again :) ... i feel a lot better about it all and have gleefully dumped and deleted anything to do with them from my computer so that i never have to come across the name again ... handed in my membership which was a bit sad as i have been a member of the organisation for over 20 years ... principles can be so expensive ... but frankly i am on this planet for such a short time i have no room for bad people in my life

met a norge last night and spent time talking about places in Norway i have known and loved and as i drove home i started pondering on friends ... like you do ... he reminded me of my Norwegian friends ... the accent and the sense of humour ... i have no idea why but i have always clicked with Norges so effortlessly over the years ... maybe i have some viking in me ... no that was danes wasn't it ... anyhoo ... i spent most of the journey thinking about happy times spent in the company of Norges ... resisted the urge to drive to the airport and go and see them ... ended up drawing up outside my house and sighing deeply ... went to bed and dreamt of fjords and brown cheese and snow and all things Norge


Kathryn said...

Glad that walking away will be accomplished in company with people who value you...much happier than a lonely retreat!
I take it I now need to cut up that rather trendy little plastic card that the group in question gave me to put in my purse last year at GB?!
Do you actually LIKE that brown cheese? When very poor student exploring Norway, I wasted a whole day's food allowance buying some...just couldn't deal with it at all. Wish I'd known someone who enjoyed it then!

Rach said...

Darn it, darn it, I've only just discovered that you're blogging again. ..although I did click on your blog for many months waiting...!

I just wanted to say hi...I've nothing more meaningful to add having not had time to catch up with what seems to have been happening!!

But you have reminded me of Norwegian friends I had at uni. They are indeed great people and one day I hope to make it there!

Michael Radcliffe said...

Well, that's the "charity that shall remain nameless" dealt with. Shame really, but it sounds like the right choice.

If only the founding fathers knew... Maybe they do.

Anyway, NORWAY! I wish I knew Norway, or any of the Scandawegian countries better. For some reason, I feel an affinity with Finland.

It's the underdog vibe, you know.

hugger steward said...

Not just the python song, then, michael?

<wanders off singing: "Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I quite want to be....">

much love