Friday, March 10, 2006

post evangelismed

Last night I was sat minding my own business in a town centre … smoking a cigarette and waiting for my aunt who was doing some shopping ...

a young teenage lad strolled up to me and started to tell me about God – full on evangelism ... I couldn’t help it I laughed ... the irony … he was really offended ..i explained what I do and that I had been a Christian for some time ... he told me off for smoking ...i nearly slapped the little ****

He was joined by some others and a little group formed and they really laid into me … quoting bible verses and telling me off … how I didn’t swear at them I do not knowJ … an older guy was with them and he mostly watched on with pride while his team tore into me

I admired their enthusiasm but I didn’t like that these young people were spouting some of this rubbish … quite apart from the fact that they were presumably supposed to be saving souls not preaching to the converted … I guess they had no idea what a waste of time preaching to me is … white noise in my head J … not the way to get me to listen

Eventually I tired of their bigotry and zeal … I considered telling them I was a rampant homosexual … or that i thought singing chorus’s was evil (both of which I realized may well eventually lead to a prayer time so I decided to be downright honest and leave

I explained that as a survivor of abuse I was thankful that i hadn’t ended up as a rent boy or drug addict or a drunk and that I reckoned everything was relative and that God can probably cope with me smoking in the circumstances ... and mildly pointed out that maybe just maybe they shouldn’t be quite so judgmental ... I think I won on points J

I won’t name the church but I don’t think I will be joining them for Sunday service any day soon

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sally said...

Oh, that did make me should have sworn then they could have told you off for that too..or let them pray for you then thrown away your cigarettes and tell them they had saved you..imagine their little faces!!!!!