Friday, February 24, 2006

on a cold and frosty morning

saw a little crocus in our garden the other morning and announced to all and sundry that spring was on it's way - we have now had three days of very cold mornings - i was maybe a bit previous in announcing spring - but i meant well

so i was up early and browsing around blogs - cathcing up with what various friends were doing - and decided that i should use this quiet time of the day to write a blog entry - and while i was pondering what to write i remebered something i wanted to do on my blog

i never get around to updating sidebars and links on this blog - partly because i always forget how to do things like that so i have to re-learn practically everytime - and partly because it is such a pain to get it all correct and working - there has to be someone out there who is developing or has already developed a blog type thing where muppets such as i can just drop things into nice GUI type thing and avoid me doing all this pseudo html stuff - there goes another marketing idea just thrown away :)

anyway my point - and i did have one
so i figured i would wrire a blog entry on all those little links and things which i have discovered and that have amused me in the last few weeks and months

maybe if we all did it we would add to each others enjoyment - i mean t'internet is a big place and you can't see everything (which doesn't explain why i get the same joke/funny page/check this out style email from nine people in one hour)

so here goes:
interesting links wot i have found recently:
useful site to find all the latest updates for various iddy biddy bits of software that you never bother updating but you might find things work a little better if you did - better yet all the things you wish it did might actually have been added by now
useful for finding a plumber and other little persons who do
love their clothes - can't afford them - far too old to wear them - love their attitude/stance/the way they think - click on 'think' on the menu bar to see what i mean

excellent idea - easy to participate - a yahoo emal group that enables you to give away stuff you don't want locally and avoid putting it in landfill
well written amusing blog - my friend who went with his family to live in NY (very jealous of that)
nice idea - type in a name of band and it streams music to you of a similiar ilk - nice painless way to discover new stuff
nostaglia gone mad - all those tv progs from your childhood - whenever that was
if you don't have or can't afford a mac - this gives you widgets - if you don't know what widgets are you haven't kuisted after a mac enough

don't blame if you spend most of friday afternoon clicking and browsing


Daniel said...

Hey Steve... the original purpose of blogs was for lists of links like those... hence the name 'web log'.

Not many people know that! (At least except for sad techies like me...)

steve said...

ooo i didn't know that - how retro am i :) - and you must qualify for the fastest response to a blog entry ever

lilly said...

hey steve! i was making coffee this morning thinking of you and laura and your lovely back garden and glorious kitchen!
so glad to check in and find a new post!

i switched over to typepad for my blog because i know little to nothing about code and the typepad folks make it very simple to do things well. they do charge you by the year you'd have to decide if it was worth the price.

saving our pennies to come to greenbelt! so i hope airfare goes down by some miracle of god!
blessings to you and laura! love lil