Tuesday, April 26, 2005

mind the gap

sorry about that gap ... life just took over there for a couple of weeks
am currently sat in an office covering for our administrator at acg while she takes a couple of weeks to lie on a beach ... hmm what is wrong with this picture?

thanks for the message of congrats lilly
and dave there is no way we would have a creche at our party ... can't see the missus agreeing to less champagne more children

don't get what all the fuss is about going to work ... a complete doddle ... skip of to the office ... fiddle with some papers answer some emails ... skip home at the end of the day ... no housework no errands no people ringing up and telling you all their problems ... maybe i should get a nice office job ... i could blog all day drink tea email people and then go home comlaining about my hard day at work ... i particularly like this office cos i can play my ipod while i do work

having said that i dare not fiddle with much actual work in case i do it wrong or file it in the wrong place ... it really is just answering the phone and toying with the idea of doing something like work ... as usual nobody is paying me so why should i bother

have been doing lost of garden stuff recently ... digging and planting and feeding and mowing ... have a greenhouse with basil/tomatoes/coriander/peppers and chillis all started from seed and growing bigger every day

half a dozen sunflowers already out in the beds and loads of salad stuff started in the vegetable patch ... all a little bit more advanced this year ... got all organised early

really really hate slugs and snails ... they eat my seedlings and i hate any killing thing which means i have to handle the 'orrible ikky things ... i also have to use weedkiller for all the bindweed that attacks on three sides from scruffy gardens ... but apart from posioning the soil and possibly indirectly making the birds ill (well they shouldn't eat ikky things like slugs) ... i am getting quite organic

new albums soon from stevie wonder called a time 2 love and coldplay called X&Y... new hitchhikers film on release soon ... very excited about all of them


Sally said...

Steve, I never imagined you having a vegetable patch..you're a real little Alan Titchmarsh, aren't you! By the way, just beteween ourselves, a mutual friend has just boughta rather nice convertible...hope no-one damages it at the festival....

Kathryn said...

Now you read him, now you don't. Not sure if your startling enthusiasm for horticulture is sufficient reason to disappoint your reading public, but there we are. Hope all's well, love...and please grow a courgette for me. Very odd this small suburban garden routine, after all those years down on the farm!

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