Thursday, August 05, 2004

plugging while blogging

i was asked to plug this
didn't like to tell them that i don't think anybody reads my blog
mainly cos i am not sure how to get people to read it
well i suppose telling them it is here would be a start
... any hoo i did what i was asked


Got a blog? (Or thinking about starting one?)
There's going to be an informal gathering for bloggers at Greenbelt.
It'll be in the Winged Ox at 4pm on the Saturday.
More details (including a list of people who are known to be showing
up) at:

1 comment:

Rach said...

nice to have found you (as in this website...we seem to be unable to actually loose you!! ;) )! always good to have more friends who are blogging - gives me something to do to unwind once home from work...though it does sometimes mean I spend more time reading other people's blogs rather than actually writing anything myself...or getting on with the countless other things I should really be doing!